Gamer’s Ecstasy Vol. II

Band :
Title : Gamer's Ecstasy Vol. II
Release Date : 2014/05/28
Format : Digital Download
Paradise for the Lost Souls(preview)The Land of Fairies(previews)Empathy(preview)Crescent Moon(preview)The Book of Judgement (preview)Love & Passion(preview)By Land,Sea, & Air(preview)Who's The Strongest Hero(preview)Wishing Well of Hope(preview)Demonic Castle(preview)Last of the Dying Heroes(preview)Wandering the Waste(preview)

Track Listing
(previews in the media player)

1. Paradise for the Lost Souls

2. The Land of Fairies

3. Empathy

4. Crescent Moon

5. The Book of Judgement

6. 8 Bits of Heaven(Album Purchase Only Track)

7. Love & Passion

8. By Land, Sea, & Air

9. Who’s The Strongest Hero

10. Wishing Well of Hope

11. Demonic Castle

12. Last of the Dying Heroes

13. Wandering the Waste


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