Gamer’s Ecstasy Vol. I

Band :
Title : Gamer's Ecstasy Vol. I
Release Date : 2014/05/19
Format : Digital Download
Two–Headed Dragon(preview)Loyal Bloodline (preview)Rags to Riches (preview)Traveling Through the Abyss (preview)Weakness is not Tolerated (preview)Surge of Power (preview)Sadistic Alleyway (previews)Earthly Tides (preview)Where Is Dr.Wily (previews)Eccentric Adventures (preview)Sacred Mountains (previews)Fragments of a Forgotten Soul (preview)

Track Listing
(previews in the media player)

1. Two-Headed Dragon

2. Loyal Bloodline

3. Rags to Riches

4. Traveling Through the Abyss

5. Weakness Is Not Tolerated

6. Surge of Power

7. Sadistic Alleyway

8. Earthly Tides

9. Where Is Dr. Wily

10. Eccentric Adventures

11. Sacred Mountains

12. Fragments of a Forgotten Soul


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