Dj Abomination & SteamBoi presents Unlimited Ch’i


Dj Abomination & SteamBoi 2nd album collaboration

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A collaboration album between DJ Abomination & SteamBoi. This album includes assorted remixes of tracks from various Anime soundtracks. Enjoy!


Track Listing

1. Understanding The Power of Energy (Intro)

2. Mages of Mischief

3. My Ego Is Taking Over

4. Life Seekers

5. Broken Mirrors & Shattered Souls

6. Corrupt Empire

7. Passive Strength pt.1

8. A Little Light (Interlude)

9. Lucid Dreams

10. Zen Mode

11. Unreliable Sources

12. Arabian Dunes

13. Digital Nightmare

14. Trials n’ Tribulations

15. Passive Strength pt.2

16. Inner Focus


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