Path of the Devil Gene


DJ Abomination & SteamBoi First Collaboration Album

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A collaboration album between  SteamBoi and Dj Abomination

 Track Listing

  1. Enter The Iron Fist Tournament
  2. The Chose One
  3. Hong Kong’s  Finest
  4. High Altitude
  5. Russian Poser
  6. Lipstick,High Heels, & Stealth Kills
  7. The Grinning Sword
  8. One Punch to Win it All
  9. Dragon in da Kitchen
  10. Young and Courageous
  11. Capoeira Funk
  12. Hawk Hunter
  13. Cacklin’ Cyborg
  14. Mimic-tree
  15. Old and Bitter
  16. A True Test of Power


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